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"Doctor Who - Age of Tsundere now available in canon" - my friend on facebook

His body language is precious.

Am I home? If you want to be.

Doctor Doctor give me the news I’ve got a bad case of loving you.
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We love ‘just Peter’
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Well, with Doctor Who, it’s a magical part. If people decide that because I’m Doctor Who … I think it’s the part that makes you … if people think I’m … well, let’s put it this way: I’ve never been asked to take my shirt off in my entire career. I’m not really a leading man in that sort of way. A romantic lead. I’ve never been in heart-throb territory. So I think it’s the Doctor they might find attractive.

Peter on being told people fancy him part 1 (SMH)

First off, lies. But anyway.

I wouldn’t blame him for thinking that people only like him because of the Doctor - it’s a huge part and all that, and it draws in a crowd that maybe would not normally see him. But that’s exactly it.

I can’t speak for everyone, but generally what I gathered was that the large response to his casting on this side of the Atlantic was “????” The best we could’ve really mustered was ‘hey remember that scruffy unnamed doctor in the third act of World War Z? That guy!’ I, and many people I know, became aware of Peter because he was going to be the next Doctor. Cool beans.

But that was a year ago, and while we’re on the cusp of series 8, we still have yet to see him actually as the Doctor. Why the interest if people are just in it for that? I do imagine way, way more people will like him for his performance as 12, but as of right now, the crowd of people that already like him do because they’ve been scoping out his filmography and catching up on interviews and discovering what a genuinely good actor and genuine human being he is, while those who have been in the loop for a while are nodding and smiling knowingly.

It’s not the Doctor I find attractive, Pete’. How can I when I don’t even know how you’re playing him yet? The Doctor may have brought you into my radar, but it’s everything else that dragged you into heartthrob territory for me. Stop being so humble, man (although don’t, I like that about you).

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i just… couldnt agree more…

i honestly never heard of him before 4th August, but there was that light in the man’s eyes in that video of him being announced. idk, i think that light is the thing that drove me into him. i’m not gonna talk about how a man on my computer screen could effect me this much… because i dont know.

anyway, as you said above, i know we all gone through the same thing, started watching interviews, other movies, previous works… MALCOLM TUCKER… Malcolm Tucker in TUX!!… they all just made me realize that we’ve just got a super talented actor but also A MAN WITH A GENUINE PERSONALITY!! 

you know what is so cool and makes someone “my heartthrob” 

  4. and *ehem* being a total artist, you know, Peter can act, draw, sing, direct, write… IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CANT DO!!!
  5. And please man dont you ever tell me even you dont fancy yourself in those well tailored suits and tight and full buttoned shirts and those hipster shirts

also Kat is damn right. HOW CAN WE LOVE SOME CHARACTER WE HAVENT EVEN SEEN YET?? We love 12th Doctor just because we kinda get to know you now and WE TRUST YOU that you’re gonna do your best to bring him out! that’s why we already love the 12th Doctor

yes, i found it… it’s TRUST, i’m sure the fandom TRUSTS YOU WITH BOTH THEIR HEARTS!

and also yes, you are a handsome lad who makes my knees go weak every time i see that face…

and i am 25 years old…

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OK, here we have two dorks. That’s very normal(!) and clear. That’s alright, okay.
But can someone explain me what the dork on right doing? I don’t think i can understand how that works…